Manfred new bike

Today daddy bought Manfred a new bicycle. This is the 2nd bicycle we got for him. A 20″ BMX. We could have got him a 18″ instead but we got ambitious and got him 20″ which is really a tiny bit of challenging for him……

Well, we bought the bicycle, added a cute fireflyz light at the wheels, a head lamp and front and rear, fixed a bell on and Manfred was very excited and all the while beaming with joy while uncle fixing up his new beloved bike.

We then proceed to have our BKT dinner nearby and promised him he could later go home and test out his new bicycle. He was very very looking forward to it!

When we got home, none of us anticipated that we have a big challenge ahead. Which put Manfred in tears every 5-15mins. He was so so frustrated. He was not tall enough!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, actually he could do it, but with his very kiasi nature, he keep saying he couldn’t hold the bicycle, he kept sobbing, kept saying he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t reach bla bla bla……

Hub was very patient with him. After 1hour, he still wasn’t able to pedal. And not to mention he fell off the bike close to 10times. We then took a break, and daddy fixed some accessories for his own bike. Then daddy fetch M one round near neighborhood, came back, and fetch J out for a ride too.

While waiting for Jude to come back, I just casually ask M if he wants to try again. He said yes! So off we . And just that little break, he took off. And because I promised that I would catch him and make sure he doesn’t fall, I was jogging behind him. And he did it! Just like that. Daddy saw him from afar. And we are all so happy.

Then he continue to practice for half an hour. He still fall down whenever he stop the bike, but he doesn’t cry anymore. And he is now confident that given time, he will no longer need any of our help. We practice till 10pm, about 2hours, daddy called it a night. Again he was sobbing cause he wants to continue to cycle.

Oh dear, Sunday ok? We will use our whole Sunday evening practice with you.


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