Cooking – sweet sour pork


Friday M&J mention they want to eat 咕噜肉. So I promised that I will cook it on sat night.

Hub said yum yum since its his all time favorite. I rarely cook this cause I tried to minimized frying stuffs as well as consuming fried food.

This is really a very easy dish. It can be substitute with fish, chicken fillet, or fish fillet.


400gm-600gm of pork belly
1cucumber (cubed)
1tomato (cubed)
1big onion (cubed)

3-4tbsp Tomato sauce
1tbsp vinegar
1tbsp sugar

1-marinate the pork belly with egg, soy sauce, sugar,some pepper for at least 1hour.

2-dip the pork belly into corn starch and fried it till Golden brown. Set aside

3- heat some oil, toss in the onion, cucumber, tomato and stir it.

4-add in the seasoning and bring it to boil.

5-off the stove, and pour in the pork belly to combine with the sauce.


I have also cooked potato chicken for lunch and kept some for dinner.



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