Hero Jude

Back from our 3D2N getaway in Penang. Hub and I superb tired.

We had great fun chilling, swimming in hard rock hotel. This is our 2nd trip there and obviously it’s still a hit for my boys.

One little episode happened yesterday. Jude insisted to take out his arm float and swim. I told him no umpteen times. Later on, he came up and rest with me, which I removed the float for him. Hub and Manfred was also by the pool sipping drinks. Suddenly Jude said he want to play at shallow sand pool, I let him. Then he slowly sneak into the slides pool taking the stairs. We were all chatting and didn’t notice anything.

Suddenly I saw a little head struggling to surface right behind hub. And I realize that was Jude!!!!!!! Quickly yell for hub to grab him. Hub was sipping his carlsberg, and I was actually attending to Manfred whom wanted a snack. Praise The Lord I saw Jude right away and I think he was drown for mere few seconds. I am thankful that God indeed sent his guardian angel to watch over Jude, he was all fine except got a real shocked.

I hope he learnt his lesson. As for me as a mother, proves my mother instinct right. Jude is simply such a daring kid, he really need to have an eye on him 24/7, I need to watch him like a hawk to prevent anything happen to him.

PS: no wonder I just sit by the pool only also so exhausted. My eyes were busy following every where Jude went to make sure he was A-OK!


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