Coming Friday is a public holiday. Never realize until someone mention a long weekend approaching. That’s what happen once you stop working, you don’t pay attention to calendar and the holidays anymore!

No3, no3, still snuggling comfortable in my belly. I feel that he could be the smallest among all. It’s week 37 plus but I don’t feel as heavy as during my past 2 pregnancy. PTL too that I don’t wake up urinate that frequent compare to when I had m&j. I used to wake up every single hour back then! With no3, it’s only once at 6am. So I am not really sleep deprived yet.

I am waiting for the baby cot base to come back. Stuffs wise it’s more or less ready. Just need hub to help wash it once we come home from hospital. I guess if possible, I might ditch the bottles and sterilizer for the first 3weeks! The boys seems ready. Ready as in…… I think they two plays by themselves so frequently, my presence wasn’t that important to them..*sniff*

Last weekend Manfred overnight at his gu ma house. And now Jude is talking about his turn coming week.(well, we hasn’t officially said he can go, but obviously kids these day make their own plan!)


One thought on “Updates

  1. oh yes, I am waiting for the long weekend to approach… fast fast come.. and guess No3 feels that he is so much comfort in mummy’s tummy, he just want to stay a bit longer.. no worry, he will be out in no time, and you be very busy… 😀 take care, and have a nice weekend ya..

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