Manfred turn 5

Our 1st born turn 5 yesterday. Again we celebrate with him on a small scale. Just an outing with daddy and Jude. At night, his god ma and gu ma were so thoughtful that they drop by for dinner at home and sing him birthday song.

So much love and warmth my boys are surrounded by. I hope with the loves they have in life, they grow to be a loving person, and pass on the love.



After dinner, Jude packed his stuffs and self declared he will over night at his god ma house. *slap forehead*

He went and 1st report came back he made himself king of the house and request for drinks like ribena, 100plus, cartoons etc…


2nd report mentioned he was bored and request to go home. And kept mumbling repeating he wants to go home. Of course god ma play smart ignore him, later on he did some karate kicks, weird stuffs before falling asleep……


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