Nathanael at day 14

Day13. Still pretty much sleep, poop, feed. Lots of poop. He poops at every feed. Which is good actually. Just that I have forgot how fast we can actually finish a big pack of diaper so fast.

He still has mild breast milk jaundice. But we are not worried for now. This round, I still engage Jenlia because my milk came in real slow this time. With Jude my milk came in at day 3-5. With N, it only came at day 5-7, and very little also. Only day 12, I could feel I have let down. Mainly due to the latch was not proper, and also N suckle very slowly, and very soft. But it’s all history now. Bfeeding is established, and now we just focus on feed him real well.

Here little Nathanael rested comfortably on Angie jie jie lap. Angie jie jie loves baby a lot. Though she is bit disappointed I didn’t have a baby girl instead, she adores N and kept saying he is so cute. Among all the 5cousins, Angie is the only girl, and there is another 4boys. Really rose among the thorns.



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