Mummy boy

As you know, Manfred was formula-fed baby, I only pump-fed him up to 1month old. With Jude. He was exclusively on breastfeeding for 6months, and I continue to breastfeed him till 2yo. During then I even have surplus to give it to Manfred that was bout 18months old.

I intend to bf Nate as long as I can. N today day 20, I finally get my breast pump out as start extra pumping season 2times a day. To keep some breastmilk in case I need to be away running errands. I pump out 1.5oz after feeding Nate. M&J was both watching me pumping.

*before Nate came along, Jude being the mama boy actually already asking to be breastfed, from my breast some more!

He saw that 1.5oz, he said he wants to drink it. I let him, and told him he must not waste it. He really bottoms up from the bottle, and asking for more. I think he must have miss the bonding of me feeding him.. I am grateful that despite he was clingy as a baby, the weaning process was rather easy one. And he seems to do just fine seeing his little brother being fed, I was at first bit worried he will be jealous. :p

As for Manfred, I asked if he wants to drink my breast milk, express it out for him of course. He bluntly reply me:”DUTCH LADY MILK BETTER LA!”


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