Back on track

Time flies, it’s now officially the final month of the year. Manfred and Jude said its the month of Xmas. Asked him what’s Xmas, he said its Jesus birthday!

After 5weeks of absent from RCIA, we went back to attending session again just few days back. Again God knows our worries and needs, we initially were troubled where to place M&J as its school holiday and Sunday school off. End up pil now attend the Chinese mass at the same parish, and we let m&j follow them to the Chinese mass while we bring Nate to English mass followed by Rcia. This arrangement would be it for coming few weeks till school reopened.

Here is how much little N has grow. Poor thing we didn’t take much of his pic! I have tones with iPhone but would really be nice if hub get me a prime lens to snap Nate with DSLR.

Santa if you are real can you work at my list this year?????




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