Parenting reading


Quote from the book:”The 5 love languages of children”

Some parents think a child should try to earn their love and affection with good behavior, but this is just not possible. A child by nature continually test our love by her behavior. He is asking,”do you love me?” If we respond,”yes, I love you,” and fill his love tank, we take the pressure off and make it unnecessary for him to continue testing our love.
How true, I been hearing about unconditional love, and that’s in fact the type of love we have for our child, whether we admit it or not, but how often we tell our kids that so that they know. I now felt bad for having tell them things like:”if you cxxxxxxx, mummy will xxxxxxxxx” I now know there is a better way of saying:” when you xxxx, mummy gets reals upset, but mummy still loves you.” Not easy to do it since often when they test our patience, all I want to convey to them is that “hello! Mummy is MAD! STOP NOW!” Having said that, I need to consciously remind myself to count before losing cool, think of positive phrase before speaks, and speaks all 5 love language with my boys.

After all, our lord had granted us unconditional love from the beginning, despite how much we have sin against him or turn a deaf ears to His words… Therefore unconditional love is what we ought to give to our kids. And it’s crucial to make sure they know it.

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