Holidays of 2012

We are entering into 4th Sunday of Advent. And we have spent the day before fully. I praise God for all the things that I have done(If not achieved) on this particular day.

Today we have a Safari Theme birthday party to attend. It’s my bestsie daughter’s 3rd birthday party. My boys have been looking forward to attending it. Goodies, candies, balloons, games, and in door playground! Of course they are over the moon. Too bad we don’t have the luxury of spending hours there cause we need to rush to hub company annual dinner right after.

When hub ask me to RSVP with him how many of us are attending the annual dinner, I was very hesitant. Nate is merely 2months old, and I was in a dilemma whether to tag him along or leave him to MIL. At last we decided we will still bring him along. He been a great baby. he slept through the 2 hours I went to salon, he behaved well at both parties, (sleeping most of the time), and nurse only when necessary.

And he fall asleep in the midst of the dinner where disco music were blasting. And when we got home, despite extremely tired, we have everyone showered, and rest. where as little Nate was very “high” from partying whole day and he kept “a gu a gu” and talks non stop to me. Heart melting thou.

As I am typing this, I am physically drained but spiritually contented, hence excitement prevents me from sleeping. WE have a fun filled day, and the coming few days of Xmas holiday won’t be anything less. I am so looking forward to it.

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