Xmas eve 2012

It’s been tradition to goes to midnight mass. During years we skipped Sunday masses, we still attend Xmas midnight mass. But it was all about Xmas dinner, gifts exchange and Santa Claus going down chimney back then.

Lately years it has changed and Xmas has different meaning to us. It means a savior was born to us.

This year we go as a family of 5, together with pil and sil family.

We were early, and seats were plenty. But it fills up very quickly after 10min.

Hub was not feeling well, but he kept his spirit high and insist we all still attend. God was great. It was gloomy whole day and almost gonna rain at 9.30pm. At last it didn’t rain and it was windy. Weather was perfect. M&J behave fairly well as we separate them into different row. Nate slept through the whole 2 hours.



Baby Jesus in the manger.

We would have gone for supper after mass. But hub was not well so we opt to go home early and sleep.

This year “Santa” is busy that he disnt get me what I wanted! Hmph!
Nevertheless. I received a gift from sil. Tq so much!

20121225-085131.jpga pasta sauce with cookbook inside. Lovely


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