Little bit here and there

30th December 2012

We attended mass as usual, only today there were blessing for children at the end of the mass.

We attended RCIA as usual, only Nate wake up before the class ends, and kept staring at me smiling. He obviously wants mama to play with him.

He been sleeping so much previously. He could sleep all the way thru mass, through my classes till 12pm, waking up for his milk and drift back to dreamland. Now that he is officially 2 Mths old, he suddenly fully alert at 11am wanting to play, and won’t go to bed till pass 11 pm.. Wanting to play all the time too. By wanting to play, means he wants you to talk to him, make silly sounds… He will tries to imitate you, and smirks like he always does..

11pm d still don’t want sleep!




And we went dinner with my parents and sis and bro. Yummy food! Great companion and both babies has been of their best behavior!


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