In this world, I came to accept we will constantly have new challenges, has new worries, continue to have dark moments. It’s all part of God’s plan of moulding us. And by relying solely on Him and have faith in Him, we will develop a personal relationship with our creator. And ultimately, we find peace and love in whatever adverse situation we are in.

I have my new worries now. So much that it would have drown me(me years back). But the me(now me) decided to cast it to our lord, I must have faith that everything will be okay. He have it all in His hand. I must find peace in no matter how it turns out to be. Shall pray so that I could hear Him, and lead me to where He wants me to be.

I once read “why worry when you can pray.” So to praying I go now… But before that, I shall thank lord for giving me this to cheer me up.



And thank you for the food on my table.


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