Day to day

See how tired he is? Fall asleep right in the middle of our shopping last week.
This fella always fully utilized every ounces of energy he has, so when his battery runs out, it flats!
Every morning the first thing he says is:”mummy can I go bicycle?”
After school it’s the same Q’s and same Q’s when daddy comes home. 20130115-085625.jpg
They saw some “shy shy” leaves….. Everyday they in search for it…
And they yak non stop while pedaling. 20130115-085730.jpg
Even a 2 mo baby didn’t want to miss out. Every evening without fail he will “make noise” until u bring him out.

When mamas hand got tired, place him in the stroller…

This is what happen when he didn’t get enough of outdoor…*he pout*
But mamas silly face is as good! He is smiling again.



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