Billy Jean big day!

Now, my little sister is married too.. Vividly remember she used to be a cry baby. She cries so easily that it annoys the hot tempered me. When she got bullied by our youngest bro and was sobbing, she gets no console from me instead I yelled at her and call her “weak!” Hahah that’s how mean I used to be. Fond memories..

Now that she’s married, soon they wil be having babies, and who’s gonna stay up late with me chat non stop when i go back to my mums place??? *sad*
20130121-204107.jpgbeautiful bride with all the kids.


After the ceremony, all the kids were super tired. Except Ryuu… Hahah I love seeing kids sleeps in a row. We took a similar pic during my bro wedding.


Manfred and Charlotte march in for the entrance. Oh.. My cute little niece. She did such a marvelous job that night despite her shyness… She “awes” the audiences that night with her cuteness.





The food was good, the company were even greater. M&J had so much fun with Vincent and Angie as usual. And Rachel, Nicole and Charlotte add much more joy! We just love seeing them running around chuckling together despite some of them don’t meet often.
Nathanael behave extremely well. Nurse twice and nap twice in car seat allowing me free hands. Anyhow I didn’t have to carry him much that night. He was a “ball” being tossed around most time of that night. 😛 thank lord he didn’t have night mare that night.

I was so worried we might not able to wake up the next mornin for our Sunday mass. God is great, we managed and kids have their battery stretched and they woke up as usual, energetic the whole Sunday attending mass, Sunday school and went MV too!


Congratulation to Billy & Jean. God bless you two abundantly and multiply!


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