Fall asleep on his own

When comes to sleep training the boys, I rarely set a strict rules. As long as they nap, if I need to carry them to fall asleep, I do it. It was the most difficult with Jude as he was really a very clingy baby. But I know there was reasons behind and it really wasn’t his “faults”.

Now that with Nate, I am lucky that he is able to nap when in his car seat, in his stroller(not for long) and practically anywhere. And I am hoping that soon he will learn to “fall asleep” on his own.
Last night I was so tired I couldn’t wait until he fall asleep. At 9.20pm I fed him, then just place him face down on his cot. He was awake then. But he didn’t cry. And when I woke up by his crying, it was 1am. Yeah! He did fall asleep on his own…. There were few occasion whereby he fall asleep by himself without rocking, without nursing or without patting. But I am not expecting him to do it regularly. Don’t think I want to put stress on it. Just want my baby to be contented…whenever he needs to be.

He look so big on his cot now.. And he is now 3mo

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