Those that have more than 1 child, what’s ur babies birth weight? Does the younger child born bigger than the firstborn?

I was frequently told first born usually has smallest birth weight. But it’s total opposite in my case.

Manfred was born at 3.3kg
Jude was born at 3.25kg
Nathanael was born at 3kg.

See what I mean? And all 3 was born at gestation 38weeks. However, the born smallest grow fastest.

At 3mo,

Manfred was 6.9kg
Jude was 7.1kg
Nathanael is at 7.7kg

Hence, the concern…… Obesity. My mum told me last week that if Nate weight doesn’t go down once he starts walking, control his eating. WHAT?!

Daddy also said, must instill healthy lifestyle.. Exercise everyday.


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