Something about Nate


This smile, charming isn’t it? He is generous with his smile, mostly with mama only.

Everywhere we go, he gets attention. Partly due to his chubbiness, but most time people will pop “the” question, “what happen to his face? Mosquito bite a?”

I was told its a birth mark, strawberry mark to be exact. Well, I have learnt about this terminology only 3months ago. It was something new to me. But it doesnt bother me much despite I was told it could grow bigger.

Why not bothered? Is that the attitude a mom should have? Well it depends. We have bigger worry back then, something greater than merely worrying of his appearance. At 1m immunization, doc hushed M&J during the check, my heart sank. She was listening to Nathanael’s heart beat like something wasn’t right. And I was given a referral letter.

I only discuss it with hub… we couldn’t accept it at first, mainly cause he look so healthy. Only thing was he sleeps so much, (I m not bragging, I would brag about it if there were not letter, and doc never mention the heart murmur thing) he sleeps so much that I and hub starts to worry, was it really his heart has problem hence he sleeps so much?
.ding dong for a month, finally we decided to go ahead get him checked just to be sure, just to be safe.

We were given an appointment 8feb2013. Wah! CNY wor, haiya, just have to do it la…

Reached there, register&weigh him.
At 3months12days old

Waited 2hour only see doctor. Before hearing his heart, paed cardio said she didnt hear anything abnormal. We were relieved by a little… hoping for best.
Nathanael was fantastic during the ECG. NO FUSS AT ALL! Praise the Lord!

And we have to give thanks to God again as we receive best piece of news, that his heart is perfect! Beaitiful heart beAt, perfectly healthy heart. Hallelujah!
Nate:mama did I gave u a scared?

Me: well, so long you are healthy my baby, thats all that matters


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