I can feel my milk supply drop these 2days. Partly because I am very stressful;  another part I also couldn’t explain why I’m so upset these 2days.


Looking at him, I feel so sorry, I really do not know what to do with him. Parenting him is truly a challenge. At times we decided to be more linear with him,  just get the message across and let his free will leads, then we got question from M, why Jude can do this?

At times we decided to use “love languages” when he misbehave, well…I don’t even know where we are heading…I’m so worried,  what he will becomes? I feel defeated.


Fresh new wound.
Plus a 2feet scratch on his grandparents car. He was riding bicycle with 1 hand, lost balance,  scratched the car, then got threw off the bicycle,  landed on the tar. I didn’t even feel heart ache.

Tell me, what should I do?


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