Happy 35th birthday

Hub turned 35 on 23feb. We were suppose to attend a retreat
. But the nuns were busy and we got a week off from attending class. *wink*

We took the opportunity and went MV to celebrate. Brought the kids to kids e-world. (Wait a minute! Whose birthday was it again?! Welcome to parenthood! Sacrifices)

We had lunch at Italianes again! Free cake on the house for “birthday Man”. And the whole restaurant patrons sings him birthday song! How wonderful is God to declare His love to His beloved children!

The party doesn’t ends there. Sunday we have another party held at SIL house. Scrumptious dinner! We feast to our heart until our belly were close to the edge of bursting. I loved the chicken so so much!! *slurp slurp slurp*

Happy birthday dear, may God bless you with a healthy body, caring heart like you are always, and lots of wisdom! Thank you for being such a wonderful spouse and daddy to the boys! We love you always.


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