Cooking – Spicy Chicken


300gm onion (blend together with garlic)
100gm garlic
3 big onion (sliced)
1 chicken
1 bottle Chili giling

Soy sauce

Easy peasy spicy chicken. Add coconut milk at last if u want to make curry chicken.

Heat work with oil and fried the blended onion and Garlic until fragnant. (Your house must get real stinky filled with onion smells)

Add in chili giling and fried until fragnant again. This should take about 20min.. Or use the guideline of your house get real smelly and u starts choking on the chili smells..

Add in seasoning like sugar, salt, soy sauce.

Once chili is cooked, add in chicken, keep stirring until the chicken is cooked, add in big onion and keep stirring. After that, turn to medium heat to cook for another 30-40min.. Stirring occasionally.


Yum yum yum Delicioso!

Ps: for curry chicken, add in coconut milk as last step, bring to boil and serve. I usually pour in very thick coconut milk so the curry sauce is thick And rich flavour.(personal preference to watery curry)!

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