Scenario 1:

We sneak out to McD at night, not wanting to let my in laws know..

Me: kenot tell yie yie mah mah we go McDonald a.. After mah mah scold us..

*very Seng Mok never say Anythjng till when we back from McD.*

Jude: cannot tell mah mah we go McD ho… (In a loud voice!!)

Scenario 2: Manfred follow daddy to MV, Jude and Nate follow me home. I bought Jude chocolate sundae and told him not to tell manfred( not to hide but simply don’t want Manfred jealous)

M&J then speaks on phone…

Manfred: Jude just now I eat McDonald sundae..

Jude: mummy, I cannot tell kor kor I eat sundae ho??? (The whole conversation heard by everyone)

So where got secret one..

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