Nate 6mo


My little dragon boy Nate, turns 6month old on 27April2013. He is starting to make lots of noise. And he loves lift both his arms and legs real high, attempting to sit up and also attempting to crawl. He ended up with 2 episodes of landing his face on the floor… He wasn’t pleased for sure.

He has started on solid, I introduced rice cereal, banana, and apple purée. He doesn’t quite fancy food(just like both his brothers)

This is the apple purée I prepared for him. He didn’t even finish half of it.

I have not have his latest weight reading as I have yet bring him for his 6mo checks. Will do so after we back from our first ever family trip. We are currently in Phuket for a short holiday. With my sister and BIL.

MNJ all behave well during the flight, Jude was bothered by the air craft pressure changes. But he could clear it when I teach him to pinch his nose and blow.

It’s the first time MNJ visits Thailand. I hope to teach m&j making journal of places they go. Starting from now.

It’s also Nate’s maiden swim… He absolutely LOVES it! He didn’t want to get out of water even after 50min!!!! And he was smiling all the while.

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