5.5. Such a big event. We waited this day for so long. Much anticipated general election of malaysia. The 13th one! Where the whole world watched, hoping for a reformation.

We exercised our duty, prayed for Jesus guidance, pray for peace, just and fair result…. First 3hours was a nail biting process. Half way, my dear friend whatsapp me this message and i decided to withdraw myself from the media and pray, and sleep…

This is what she wrote…

(Some trust in chariots & some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God (ps 20:7). The plans of the lord stand firm forever. Can we be still and continue praying? Let’s not concentrate on numbers & winnings. For our god said that he will fight of us. We need only be still (exodus 14:14) can we take a moment. Switch off the media. N just pray)

I know many out there is fighting the battle with God and Jesus. I can be only be with them in prayer. And I woke up to a horrible news. My heart is broken. Our hope of maybe once “we won’t feel it that the moon is brighter somewhere else”………..for once……. We have that hope in our eyes…. And an unjust and dirty election has ROBBED that away from the rakyat! The whole nation is mourning and bleeding.

UBAH might not have happened this time…. But differences has been made..people are united and we are hoping for great new leaders from PR.
As for BN, shame on you!!! Shame on you on the “bad sportsmanship” “dirty money politics” “magic” “phantom voters” all what’s nots that you have plotted on! Your Allah will shamed you on ur judgement day!!!!


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