Of moving plan

Family of 5, the space is definitely running out. We been staying together with my PIL since the day we got married. We have bought our own place about 2 years back. I am hoping that we could move in before 2014. There will be a lot happening things in 2014.

Our first born will be in standard 1 by then. What a big “check point”! We have yet to have any clue where to place him yet. Government chinese school meanwhile being the plan, I have shortlisted one school nearby our new place. Not as ideal but that’s closest to what we want.

As for Jude, we have found the perfect place. He will be placed in San Lorenzo Montessori Klang. I know the owner personally. (VEry close indeed). If you are into montessori teaching and would love to send your young child to learn to mingle with other children, learn about discipline, being independent, train on their motor skills, (Only a few mentioned about what montessori teaches young children). REad about San Lorenzo Montessori here, and here.

If you are residing in area near bukit tinggi, and Botanic Klang, you might want to check out San Lorenzo Montessori Klang. A authentic Montessori pre school is not easy to come by, and more over a dedicated Head Mistress. Many will convinced you pure montessori doesn’t fit into today society, kid will find it hard to cope when goes to national syllabus bla bla bla.. but truly, I always believe that a emotion development, social skills, and shaping ones personality top our priority list of what to instill in our boys. ( of course those also have to come after putting God first as a core value of ours as catholic family).

The playground!

You can also see what activities the children does. FUN way to learn!

They swim, they bake, they laugh, they giggle, and field trip they went!

WE also attended their open day back in first quarter of the year. CALL them for FREE TRIAL CLASS. 03-33190988 / 0166553939.

One thought on “Of moving plan

  1. sw

    Hi Lynette, may I know how’s your kid in San Lorenzo so far? I plan to send my daughter there as well… so was thinking to get some comment first. Thanks.

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