Lyn mumbles

School holiday is officially over. I don’t feel like sending my boys back to school…. I have wanted to have them by my side….

Today is also our 7th wedding anniversary. I actually forgot about it until my brother wishes me and hub happy anniversary.
Thanks dear, for the great 7years, and thank you for introducing Jesus to me.

As many plan endless activities, trips, art and crafts session, and other school
Holiday programme,
We spend ours at my parents place. M&J no longer says “ah gong” house. Now they say “ah ma” house.. Cause “ah gong” went to heaven already. “Ah gong” new house is at a temple….

I remind them to pray for “ah gong” daily, especially at church, so that Jesus will find “ah gong” and be with “ah gong”. They remembers, and just yesterday before we left after mass, both told me they were praying for ah gong.

There’s a lot in my mind, but there’s also a lot happening in my daily life that I have no time to think about anything.. I just Gotto learn take things one at a time….


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