Pardon me if lately my post been rather…. *sad*
I’m grieving… And I’m having trouble grieving. I don’t know HOW TO. And I have lots of regrets, guilts, weird feeling ever since my dad pass away.

Every night before I sleeps, I cry… I flash through the things that happen, it haunts me. I knew I have failed terribly as a daughter.

When I read the book the 5 love languages of children,

20130614-231659.jpgsee the phrase in bracket: you may truly love your child, but unless she feels it………. She will not feel loved)

Then it got me thinking, have I been communicating my love to my dad? He had been a tremendous father to all 5 of us. I certainly felt very loved…. But after he pass away, I have doubt whether I have express my love for him….. That I regretted….


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