Sunblock for kids

I never like putting on sun block. Although its essential especially during water play. But I dread the feeling of stickiness after applying.

Since the boys started swimming lesson, I don’t want be irresponsible and I start looking around for something better than what we tried like copper tone and banana boat.


After lots of googling and forum hopping, I finally decided to buy badger and try it out. I bought from iherbs along with other stuffs I needed to replenish. I bought 1 for daily use (for my poor N who has to be under hot sun with me everyday chauffeuring kor kor and groceries shopping) and another for whenever they go swimming.

It’s so far the best sunblock I tried. It’s not sticky at all and application is very very easy!

I chose Badger broad spectrum unsceneted sunscreen because Manfred skin is very sensitive and I was hoping unscented will avoid any allergy.

For daily use I choseBadger broad spectrum SPF 16 sunscreen lotion

Price is USD14.39 each only! Another reason I definitely will not buy it from local store!

Visit iherbs and to enjoy special discount, key in PRM661 during checkout!

One thought on “Sunblock for kids

  1. Arvindder

    Hai are u from malaysia??….if u are can u tell me how and where to buy badger’s suncream…i been searching high and low for this product but didn’t have much luck with it…

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