Psychopath mom

That I was referring to myself.
When my kids watch too much TV, I raise white flag.

When they hooked on iPad iPhone Note2 or what’s not, I panicked!

Crazy mom I am…. Lately M been reading a lot…. And drawing a lot. And I really mean A LOT! Immediately he is awake he will grab a pen and a piece of paper and draw draw draw draw…. In between he will keep describing what he draw.. Sometimes he wil ask me what I wan him to draw, I will casually pick something I see (simple one) and ask him to sketch.. Most time he will do it… When he can’t I will just tell him to try again next time, sometime do it for him….

And before bed, he will keep wanting to read.. He could read for hours….. It’s not good for his eye sight.. That I worried also….

On top of that, whenever I said let’s go bicycle, or park, he will gladly and happily go outdoor play also….

Mom out there, (If any of you reading) should I be worried that he keep wanting to draw so much?? Could something be not right???


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