Cooking – Char Siew rice


How’s it? I think the “presentation” is ok lah! It’s my first time making char Siew and I am pretty happy with the look and taste! And it’s quite easy too.

I bought 1 pork belly (五花肉) weigh about 500-600gm

To marinate:

3tbs soy sauce
2tbs dark sauce
1teaspoon oyster sauce
4tbs sugar
1tbs honey
1tbs rose wine
Little bit pepper,
Little bit sesame oil..

Marinate it overnight. Before you grill it, make sure you take it out from fridge and thawed till room temperature. I used my Happy Call Pan to cook it.

20130627-220550.jpgthis is my marinated pork belly.


1- heat the pan to medium heat. Put the marinated pork belly on the pan, close lid and cook for 3min.

2- turn the pork belly to the other side, close lid and cook for another 3min.

3- turn again, close lid but don’t lock it. Flip the pork belly every 3-5min. Until it caramelized to your desired level.

This is how my char Siew look like when cooked.

Slice some cucumber, little bit of char Siew sauce on white rice, my boys belly were happy! And my spouse whom were suppose to be on diet ate char Siew fan for dinner too!!!



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