2nd dental visit for Jude


Notice anything? Well, nothing if you haven’t been up close with him and pay attention. His teeth is “perfect” again. Well almost. He had a filling during his first dental visit back in January 2012 the filling came off some time back and after a while, the tooth decay starts to get worse, and just last week, he had a chipped teeth from his left front tooth. I figure its time to go for 2nd dental visit.

I could have tag M along, but I wasn’t willing to endure the stress, the hassle,
Of lugging all 3together, and I don’t want to do it on weekend too. So M goes to school while J and N follows me to dentist.

Doctor was very surprised that J was so cooperative, and shows no sign of fear or nervous. He could even answer all doctors question. No tantrum shown, about 30mins later, we were done. I let him choose a new tooth brush as reward for behaving and doc gave him 2 stickers too!


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