Finally, my spouse is back. He was away for 1 whole week.. For a short getaway with BIL. First time we are apart for so long (usually he travels for 2-3nights only) and he was not around on 2 weekend. But somehow I manage.

He visited Frankfurt and a small town in Germany, Tettnang. A very relaxing trip and he had great time visiting tranquil town of tettnang, LAke ConstanZ, (he even happened to be ther during the seehasenfest festival at friedrichshafen. It happens only once a year for 5days. He get to experience true local festival drinking leibinger beer and local porky pork meal…

Since I don’t get to go there, in compensation, he said he will get me a set of good knives for our coming new home. I did my research and finally told him what I wanted. To my dismay, he couldn’t locate it during the first 5days of his trip. Later on we agreed to purchasing WMF knives set.

20130720-231017.jpgthis is what he got for me.

But but but….. On the day before he fly back, he found the exact knives set I wanted……. I’m so so so sad…. It would have been perfect to get that… But then life is always… IMPERFECT… Haiz… Nevertheless, I’m very contented that he did made an effort, search high and low, what’s app me pictures, price, bla bla bla. To get me that little souvenir. That I’m grateful…

But next round please fly me there dear..

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