M&J friend -CH

My boys recently made a friend. His name is CH.
They play together 2-3times a week. They either go cycling together or M&J go to their place to play and vice versa.

The boy is 7yo. He was born with a “special heart”. He underwent heart surgery twice. They three were real good friends. CH learn to speak English with M&J while M&J learn mandarin from him.

Last tue CH went for his 3rd heart surgery. I drop by asked about his condition on Friday. (I been peeking at their house but rarely seem them around) things are not very optimistic. I saw the worries, fatigue, sadness on the grandparent face. I felt really sad. A bubble boy whom is always so cheerful… I don’t know about his condition in detail but what I know is he is still in ICU, doc haven’t even sew up the opening, and his BP was very low…

I told M&J about it, as they asked if they could go to CH house and play.. I told them they would need to pray for their friend, pray hard so that he comes home with a healthy heart….


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