Tacos & cookies

Since we are still battling with meal time with Jude, I seriously need to explore and not stick to mundane rice meal frequent. We are trying to be more adventurous, but always with consent from the boys. :p

Tonight we have tacos!
We watch turbo just last weekend and M&J asked what’s “Dos Bros Tacos”
Dos= 2
Tacos= plural of taco!

So yes! We have Tres Bros Tacos! Cause we are 3brothers! They exclaimed!

The boys help in the kitchen in whichever way they can. Many times M helps in stir frying stuffs, today he helps to reheat the wraps in the pan..


I also baked flour less oatmeal cookies with banana. Healthier, less yummy(the boys said) and hard to control the temperature!!! I wasted 1/4 of the cookies dough. But I’m determined to master this!


The batch that was saved!

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