Guilt of a mom

I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m sure every mom every now and then, feel guilty.. Feel having not done enough… I do.

Whenever Jude throw tantrum, whines over every little thing, whines when we go park,
Whines we didn’t get to go park… I felt guilty.. Cause I know he was simply seeking attention of being youngest and cutest before N came along……

Whenever M sits quietly by himself, waiting patiently for me to settle his brother, I felt guilty. I felt guilty cause I think I’m not a good mom to deserve an understanding boy.
Whenever M reads and reads and draw and draw, I feel guilty, cause i know it strains his eyes… And I know he does it to please me.. (He says that sometimes)
I feel guilty when M tells me he won’t eat certain food cause its junk food and he rather choose a healthy snack… He did it cause that’s what we told him and he diligently follow and listen to us….

Yes, I have M whom never have problems I obeying given right reason,
And I have J whom challenge every single rules we set despite himself knowing well of whysssssss but simply object us to piss us off….

And I feel
Guilty about that… How’s that?


4 thoughts on “Guilt of a mom

  1. catheryn @ pinkbibs

    Lyn, you are not alone. I often feel the same, specially with B, she amazes me with her understanding and forgiving self, at such tender age. I drown myself in guilt, everyday without fail because she waits for me patiently while i hv to attend to G. God bless us moms.

  2. It’s ok to feel guilt sometimes but dont let it takes over you! That’s the work of the devils, to bring negativities into your life. As a human you can only do this much thats why we need God. Dont rely on yourself but God. Let God handle everything let God worry for you. Let go let God. God bless you with what you have today and he will make sure you get through it. Try to keep a positive mind thats one of the christian living. God bless!!

  3. Maybe sometimes guilt to required for us to be mothers! But feeling guilty is like sitting on a rocking chair. It gives us something to do, but takes us nowhere 🙂

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