Assumption Day

Do you know today, 15August the Assumption day, is the day of obligation for Catholics?

Manfred asked me:”why we go church today?”

To explain to him in simplest way. I told him every year 15august, we remember about Mother Mary is brought up to heaven.

His eyes wide opened and exclaimed in excitement:” you mean today I can see mother Mary go to heaven?”

Then I explain again, we remember it, just like we remember Xmas, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Every year we go to mass to remember the things that happens in the past, and what The Lord has done for us for our salvation.

Catholics don’t worship mother Mary. Last time I don’t see why it’s important to get to know the Virgin Mary. Now I do.. Her virtue, her obedience of willing to be handmaid of god, submitting to God’s plan….. It’s something we really should ponder on. Think about how a mother’s heart sinks…. Seeing own child being tortured…… Think about that. I shed my tears everytime I watch passion of Christ, and recently The Bible.


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