Fried fish with stir fried lettuce

20130816-194257.jpgI actually loves serving fish as I find it the most nutritious and less oily dish we can possibly get.
But I sucks at picking fish from fresh market. So lots of time I need to rely on my MIL to do fish marketing for me.

3pcs of fish is actually not enough to feed 5of us. N could finish off 1/4 of it, M could eat whole pc of it!

This is brocoli banana porridge with millet. N now eats puréed or porridge in the morning and lunch, and dinner time he follows what we eat. Lunch sometimes he will eat what we eat also. Even if he taken his baby porridge or puréed or what so ever bb food, once he sees us eating, he will scream and ask us to feed him.



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