Shepherd pie

I was told of this recipe since few years back. I have wanted to bake it for so long! And very happy it’s a simple and very yummy recipe!


I uses chicken fillet, white mushroom, brown mushroom and 1 big onion.

Marinate the fillet with sesame oil, sugar and some soy sauce.

Brown onion with some oil, once brown, add in chicken and cook till done. Add your seasoning like chicken stock, sugar, little bit shao xin wine…. Add in the mushroom and some water.. Let it simmer till the mushroom is cooked.. Takes about 15minutes.

Pour the chicken mushroom into a casserole.

I uses 4 big potato and boil for 20min. Peel off the skin and mash with fork. I season with some butter, salt and black pepper. Once combine I top it on the chicken mushroom in casserole.

Sprinkle some Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese( I wanted to use mozzarella but mine turn moldy)

Baked at 190degree for 25 – 30min



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