Air fryer cookathon!

As u know, I got new toys in my kitchen. Bear with me if we seems to be eating too much fried stuffs.. Gotto experiments ma

20131010-155036.jpgair fried Ang Ku! I heard my fren said they love pan fried Ang ku so I figure I can air fried it! Crunchy skin and the filling still juicy. 160degree for about 10min only and breakfast is served!

20131010-155148.jpgair fried chicken! I just coat with Kentucky flour for fried chicken and pop into the air fryer. No oil added… 180degree for about 20-30min.. No skin also crunchy and M ate 2 drumstick while J had 1… I had left over bone..

20131010-155315.jpgpan fried teriyaki salmon! My favorite! I use some olive oil (1/2 teaspoon) rub on fish, 1.5tablespoon oil came out! ( I suppose the oil from te fish itself comes off.

I think it’s the matter of temperature control that makes the food yummy…. I feel the food I cook using air fryer is getting tastier as I know how to control and use it better….

More to come!


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