Daily broadcast

Today is just one of those day…. Our monstrous dragon wants nothing except mama.. Not even his favorite car steering! As he knew I have a boot full loaded with groceries and I will usually offer him my steering wheel while I unload the bags, today he decided to act “cute” and cling to me like koala! Ish… As much as I want to strangle him… He is indeed still very cute. So I succumb to bb wear him and unload.. Call me lousy parenting. Go ahead… I don’t care if you judge me..

And due to his clingy pattern, I don’t get to eat lunch till 3.30pm.. I tried to convince myself lets just skip it and I will be an inch smaller on my waistline.. But truly I tell you, I still love good food more than good figure.. So I left him screaming in the baby chair while I make an egg cheese sandwich.

Today I also got our latest iherb order… Finally M&J can start brushing teeth again.. We ran out of toothpaste and the cheapo mummy decided not to buy new one while wait for iherb order to arrive..


no fluoride , no sls, and kids approved! And made is USA… I paid only USD3.04….

Now why would I want to shop at local store again?! Iherbhttp://iherb.com rocks!

If you haven’t heard of it before, hop over and for order over usd40, key in PRM661 at check out to get usd5 off.. Usd10 off if above usd60.

You know why I sucks in saying NO to N? Cause he always give me his cina ah pek grin….




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