Cooking – pork croquettes


Browsing the recipe that’s comes with Philip air fryer, I ransack my fridge, and decided to make my own version of pork croquettes. It’s actually minced pork add in whatever leftover greens and shaped into supposingly cylinder… But I decided to name it pork croquettes so that it sounds more delicious. (Don’t slap me !)

I use
1 pork belly(minced)
Handful of coriander
Handful of spring onion
4 water chestnut

Mix all the ingredient until well combine and season with amino acid, pepper, sugar, and vegetable bouillon.

I shaped it into desire shape, dip into egg white, and then coat it with bread crumbs. I have also added 1table spoon of olive oil into the bread crumb before coating it.

Place the croquettes into air fryer basket, bake for 16-20min at 200degree.

Made about 20-24 bite sizes croquettes. We finish half and I deep freeze another half for next week.


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