I have been told that we should not rely solely on 1type of carbohydrates. I grow up in the era whereby we only learn to eat porridge, rice, and occasionally hokkien mee. Bread also rare as my paternal grandfather will look at a kaya bun with a frown and claim that bun provides no nutritious and it’s basically classified as “snack/junk”.

Ever since I started cooking regularly for my kids, I try to introduce as many different food as we possibly could. I Kenot afford To cook complicated meals as time is always a important factor.

We have white rice, brown rice, mixed grains, pasta(5-6types), noodles(2types), bread, millet, whole meal bread, wraps, pita bread, biscuits that I rotate for our daily meals. I recently added couscous and quinoa to our list..

What about you? What do you have at home? Does your kids request to have rotation on their carbs? Or they are happy to chomp down rice and bread everyday?

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