M turns 6…


Today my first born turned 6.. What a milestone…. So much in my head… How did we came to this far… We are experiencing so much joy, at the same time have so much regrets…

After 5long months, we took our family picture… (With my Side of family..) when I view back, I see smiles and laughter. But I can’t help to feel “酸酸的”(bitter sweet)



Happy birthday Manfred. I’m so glad and grateful to have you as my first born. Today you shown kindness to your little brother Jude….mummy is really proud as I can see u r showing little bit of selfless side of you..

P/S: M&J both sentenced to TV less month of November due to they both being mean to each other. As a punishment they both banned from TV, iPad, iPhone etc. Today exempted manfred because it’s his birthday and dady brought him to watch Thor. He begged us to let Jude go with him, that he will share his seat with Jude and won’t complain no space. He repeatedly asked if J will be allowed to join him.. Which I was secretly smiling at his selfless act of thinking of his brother.. Of course they both went… And after the movie the fight continues.. Hahahahahahah joy of parenthood.


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