Ravenous appetite

M’s appetite been ravenous lately…. I’m sure one happy mommy… N he seems to know to pick healthier snack and food these day. Very conscious.

As for J.. Still the same. But I’m glad he did grow in his height and weight(surprise! Surprise!) he is 110kg and 18kg now. Much smaller compare to M&N.. But since he is growing and he is off smaller frame, I really shouldn’t complain.

N is still small eater but his interest in food is better than both M&J at that age…. He loves rice, porridge, fruits, noodles, pan mee, mee hun Kuey, couscous, pasta etc… It’s fun to cook for them now! I let N starts self feeding too… I give him cooked pasta and he will use his spoons and finger to pick it up and eat.. Mega cute! And mega messy. But I read umpteen times that messy meal time contribute to cultivating interest in food later.. So bear bear bear

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