Getting best value for money

AS a stay at home mom, means I get no income.. every penny spent must be with extra care.. with 3 kiddos, i realize i became more and more stingy. I used to buy without looking at price tag.(not designer label lar).. 

But these days, I am constantly looking for better bargain

ImageThese cost RM25.90 to RM31.90 each if I buy it in Malaysia. 

ImageThese will be RM27.90 each in Malaysia.

ImageThese RM39.90each in Malaysia…. 

These are only 1 of a mega list long of item that you could get at cheaper rate!


if you purchase it from iherb,

ImageThis will be RM24 for 2

ImageThis will be RM26.40 for 2!

Imageand this will be RM22 for 2!!!

This is more than 50% saving! postage is not expensive too! USD4 Flat for parcel less than 4lbs.

No wonder I been iherb craze lately! I get organic kids shampoo, baby bath at cheap rate! 


IF you key in Promo code PRM661  at check out, you get up to USD 10 off!!!!!


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