Holiday started and we don’t have big hoohaas planned. I’m so drained taking care of them daily. The mega mischievous newly promoted toddler is contributing to higher stress as well.

With the house moving plan with tight deadline, I’m even more no mood to plan anything. I feel bad for Manfred as this is his final year in kindi and he starts serious schooling soon. As much as I hope he enjoys schools life to max, I think certain level of commitment to learning and discipline is equally important. How contradict!

His lack of mandarin comprehension is calling for final SOS. I succumbed to sending him to bao bei for a crash course. He is attending 3times weekly class of 1.5each. Jude follows of course. M will one day says he loves the class, another day said he is bored. When he has lots of friend to play with, he enjoyed. Other wise, I think he just has lesser interest in the language.. But we have to persist and hopefully he improves while having fun.. I’m not sure if it’s the right choice to place him in mandarin school, but I will stop dwelling on that and we have decided to move on, and channel all our energy and effort to focus on helping him get better…. I’m grateful so far no one around me stress me that his mandarin suck(except school teacher but we bye bye school teacher d). I hope when school starts I will close eyes to whatever scores he manages… And just focus on helping him blend into new schooling environment.


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