Able to laugh

Sometimes, I hear people call me “super-mom”….*chuckles* quite motivating despite the fact I actually want to strangle my kids every single day. And on a day that I didn’t raise my voice, it was worth a celebration. So go figure.

Have we forgotten how our parents raise a team of footballer? Well. When I had M,
I wanted everything to be PERFECT! Yes! If I don’t weaned him off pacifier by 7mo, his teeth gonna be crooked for sure! Let him cry! Don’t carry him or he will grow up to be a spoilt brat! He must finish his milk or he gonna grow up hungry(waste food since infant hood), must start early childhood education or he won’t be able to catch up with his peer when he starts kindie….. U named it….

Then J came, I was still the same.. So HE has to send N lo… Hahahahahah I used to get really upset if my kids throw tantrum, throw themselves on the floor, whine, throw stuffs or simply acting up.. I felt like I was a mega failure mom that will surely goes to hell… I felt I have done nothing right raising them.. I was of course too harsh on my kids, as well as myself.

I’m more relax these day. Some day I wonder if I’m too relax..

N loves to ransack drawers. That takes after J kor kor. J loves to boss N around, that J takes after me.

One afternoon, N took a miniature body shampoo I bought from body shop. how?! I don’t know. I was FBing ma.. J tried
to snatch it from N(failed). Then I noticed N was holding something he wasn’t suppose to. So I said:”Nathanael u naught a!” I guess he understands it and boy he was not PLEASED at all! He pouted! Then let out a loud scream, then he slammed on my bed, then he throw that miniature bottle on the floor, slammed my mattress again…. *all the while with me and J watching him putting up his drama show*… Then comes the ultimatum. N felt he didn’t expresses himself enough, he walked to the miniature bottle, picked it up and slammed it on the floor one more time*he had to show his mama that he was PISSING.

My reaction? I laughed! I laughed so loud! He was so hilarious! I mean, I really don’t know where he pick that up. Maybe me, maybe m, maybe j. Maybe he was borne with it. I don’t know. But for the first time in my life, I can laughed at my kids and not be stressed that he gonna grow up snatching other peoples stuffs when he goes to school.. Wel maybe he will, but I shall not worry about what might oright not happen. I should learn to enjoy motherhood better. And not constantly judging myself.

Today I went back to my moms house. N played with my iPhone. *prohibited item!* so I took it from him(gently)… Of course he threw a fist again… And guess what he does?




2 thoughts on “Able to laugh

  1. Hahahaha … Good that you see humor in every situation, We’re usually uptight with our firstborns… After a while… Bo chap. I like the Bo chap attitude. Light hearted. Happier. 😉

  2. Indeed, I also feel more relaxed with more kids. Anything goes, as long as they’re well-fed, well-rested and healthy. Oh yah, and hopefully the older ones well-mannered!

    Lots to learn from your experience with 3 boys. Ha… so coincidental that I’ve 3 boys now too! You’re amazing, can juggle all the driving, grocery-shopping, housework, etc. Keep going! 🙂

    (Someday, we should meet up. Perhaps when I’m more settled with the youngest baby.)

    All the very best!

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