20131125-191338.jpgeverybody , please don’t slap me. Im gonna sound like a biatch since I complain on both circumstances.

Never in my wildest dream I thought I have such concern…… As u know my boys give me night mare mealtime… They keep their food in their mouth, they don’t swallow, they day dream, they yak but never scoop the rice etc..

Today…… I can proudly say…. I AM WORRIED THAT MANFRED WILL OVER EAt! He just loves to eat nowadays……….. He can finish one whole leg all by himself on top of rice and vege! And the amount of rice he requested is……. Big BOWL!!! His buttock is growing to be like JLO also.. I don’t know if it’s growth spur, or he really has grown, or he really is a foodie now… So now I worry M over eat while j under eat… N I’m very Chillax for now.. Unless suddenly doc mention he is under weight then whole new episode again..


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  1. Hi mama lyn.. i notice that you’ve got an emotional pattern from what i read in your blog. You can be in high spirit and the next thing you’ll have doubt and be stress out. I know life can be high n low esp with 3 boys. You can see there is a pattern.. perhaps you can talk to your spouse to see if he can helps you with this issues and give constant support. Never ever say you are not good enough or havent done enough for your family. Only a mum like you can give the best to your family because it’s all God’s work, not yours. So stop putting extra effort n worn yourself out because the Lord is doing it all for you. If you have doubt, you’re doubting God. Trust Him. Throw yourself to Him. Sorry if i have offended you in some ways. I am speaking for myself.. I am only a human and can only do this much. Only the Lord can gives me the ultimate happiness and not forgetting His overflowing love and blessings. God bless n stay strong!!!

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