Rattle tap tap

I’m gonna wrapped myself up in the blankie, maybe smuggle some dairy milk chocolates, a cup of coffee, and cry in self pity… I just needed a channel to let out. Oh boy.. I’m really weak. I’m born weak.

I whined so much lately. But I’m whining not out of uncontentment. I’m not happy with myself. I’m blessed in many ways yet I feel that I don’t do up to expectation.. And it’s drowning myself.

Its school holiday, we are having a staycation(new word from my secret group hot mamas). We did made a detoured to PPAS in Shah Alam. Manfred was the happiest. N is very clingy and I’m juggling real hard to make things move(the new place)….

On top of that…. M loses his first tooth…

WHAT?! Yes Manfred first tooth came out. He was very worry and kept asking me if the lose tooth is whitish or yellowish? He scare tooth fairy won’t pick it to built castle if it’s not sparkle white..

With so many things happening, and M loses a tooth… I can’t help but get a bit emo.. He wanted me to read with him after visit to library.. But I just needed some time to myself to self pitied myself for a while.


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