Praise HIM


Renovation officially started. Although we don’t do much for the house, still there’s a list long of things to be done. We tried to rush to meet desired dateline we set. At the same time, we will make peace if we couldn’t meet the dateline. We press the panic button once in a while, but we drift back in line quickly.

We made a trip to IKEA today to grab a few items that we eyed on that went on sale. We were out since morning. After a stop at mid valley, and adjourned to IKEA right after, I thought I wil be beat right after dinner. But I was very very energetic…. And that led us to check out wallpaper, which led us to our purchase of our first ever dining sets. We decide on the spot. It was rm1k cheaper than what we earlier eyed-on. Although I was tad bit upset the night before when I found out the chair we wanted was out of stock at ikea. But it’s all good and we are ever grateful with our purchase so far. We have also found our tv console.

It’s once again affirmed that God is at work all the time. Whether we admit it or not, whether we like it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, HE is the sole writer on our lives. When I submit myself to HIM, HE do wonders for me.. Thank you LORD for affirming me YOUR love, care, and providence. We are SO grateful!


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